Music is a universal language which from time immemorial has been used to guide energy and spirit, it has been used for celebration, for introspection, for meditation, relaxation. We at the Nada Yoga Foundation want to use the power of music to reach out to the lesser privileged and marginalised sections of society so that they can interact with skilled musicians and engage with Indian classical music and modern day technology. Kalpana means imagination in Sanskrit and we want to give wings to the children’s imagination via music and give them an opportunity to learn, experience and indulge in the ancient knowledge and wisdom of music.

Our intention is to share Indian classical music / Fusion performance that will not only enrich the lives of these children but will also give them a deeper experience of the rich heritage of our Indian culture and traditions.

The idea is to create interactive entertainment capsules for the underprivileged so that they can get to experience and interact with different musicians and musical instruments.

We believe that these performance will not only enrich their lives but will also give them a taste of the rich heritage of our Indian culture and traditions.