Food SEVA: Every day, 194.6million people in India go without one basic meal. It is a statistic that does not befit a country featuring the 4th highest number of billionaires in the world. Food is a basic human necessity and everything that one does is for feeding oneself. Of the three basic human needs – food, clothing and shelter – food is foremost.

In our capital city, there are over 150,000 – 200,000 homeless children, women and differently abled people living on the streets and their numbers are increasing daily. They work every day to feed their families and are barely able to provide them with even one basic meal.

We are proud to announce that our Food Seva Program is now committed to providing a Mid Day Meal for a total of 200 children studying across two centres affiliated with Able Charities School for non formal education. This school provides access to basic education for children of construction workers and labourers in Faridabad.

The Nada Yoga Foundation will be facilitating a complete, cooked meal that includes Rice, Dal and vegetables in order to provide the necessary nutritional value for the children so they are guaranteed at least one healthy meal every day.


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