In this busy age of information and technology the opportunity to be able to experience a few moments of peace and restfulness is more precious than ever.
A lot has changed over the last 30 years, our daily lives have become very fast paced and on a minute to minute basis we have to deal with a lot more information and activity.This fast paced lifestyle very unconsciously starts adding stress, anxiety, and tension to our lives leading to an underlying unquenched desire for some way to rest the mind and be at peace with ourselves as well as our surroundings.

Meditation and Self Awareness practices help bring the mind back to the present moment which brings about a sense of relaxation and deep rest
The Nada Yoga Foundation aims to teach meditation and relaxation techniques for health and clarity of mind, in a way that is accessible to people who are new to meditation. Our approach is practical, straightforward and nonreligious.

We regard meditation as a skill that people can understand for themselves and practise anywhere.

Meditation is a powerful stress relieving technique that delivers rest up to 5 times
deeper than sleep. It gives you access to a verifiable mental state where the mind is relaxed,
hence allowing you to utilize your full creative problem solving potential, even in high demand situations. It is
proven to increase productivity and decrease stress.

The Nada Yoga workshops for corporates are interactive, fun and truly immersive in nature.

They are a gateway to inner peace, well being and happiness these workshops are designed to help relax the body and mind which in turn help in heightening the awareness of the participants

These meditations are a modern day representation of Ancient Meditation techniques with the use of digital technology and traditional knowledge.

They have been created for todays generation to easily and instantly experience an aware relaxed and calm state of being

Nada Yoga means “union through sound.” Nada Yoga is the ancient art of using sounds and tones to create inner transformations.
Since Nada Yoga (Sound Meditation) does not ask us to believe in anything, it can be used by anyone of any religion or spiritual aspiration, “Sound is Universal”Allbeings, even infants and animals, enjoy listening to music. This is simply because sound (vibrations) penetrates all matter. When the mind is fully absorbed by the sound and vibrations , feelings of inner bliss naturally arise.Nada Yoga is relatively effortless and a highly enjoyable form of meditation.

Benefits of Nada Yoga
Increases productivity, motivation, and performance
Improves decision making and creativity
Increases energy, mental alertness, and clarity
Improves memory, focus and concentration